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The Past Never Dies

It keeps reappearing in a million unconnected events

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Name:Svetlana Skye
Birthdate:Sep 11
Website:Of Frigidity@Tumblr
Rarely for human consumption: unashamedly bisexual, feminist and liberal. Part of a multiple system. Loves cats, chocolate and German beer. Won't start drama purposefully. Won't back down if it happens. Please pm before adding. No automatic add-backs.

Interests (42):

activism, angry female vocalists, anti/riaa, being a private person, being the ice queen, bisexuality, case files, cats, chocolate, cloud cult, cocoa, cooking, critical thinking, destroying the status quo, dreamwidth, dw pwns lj, fandom, feminism, finding new recipes, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, german beer, healthy multiplicity, ipods, journalling, law, liberalism, music, my sister, nightmares, occasional bouts of surveying, pavilion, personal space, politics, privacy, rain but not storms, save the internet, sleeping, standing up for myself, stop glenn beck, stopping objectification of women, universal health care
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